List of keywords used in programming languages. Short description each of keyword, showing in what programming language is it used, and for what command is it. We have the ability to filter key words according to programming languages to more easily find what you are looking for.
! != # % & && ' * + - / // := ; < << <= <> = == > >= >> and andalso as begin bool boolean break byte cbool cbyte cdbl char cint clng clngint clong continue csbyte cshort csng cubyte cuint culng culngint cushort dim div do double else end exit false float if int int16 int32 int64 int8 integer long longint longword loop mod not or orelse qword real rem repeat sbyte shl short shortint shr signed single smallint then true ubyte uint uint16 uint32 uint64 uint8 uinteger ulong ulongint unsigned until ushort wend while word xor ^ | || ~
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